How To Expand The Lifespan Of Forklift Trucks

lifespan of forklift trucks

Forklift trucks have long played a pivotal role in various industries, from construction to warehousing and manufacturing. These robust machines are integral to operations and instrumental in the incredibly efficient loading, unloading, and transporting materials. Due to their significance, they represent a substantial investment for businesses, necessitating careful management to ensure a return on that investment.

The importance of extending the lifespan of forklift trucks cannot be overstated. Considering their high upfront costs, upkeep, and repair expenses, prolonging the lifespan of a forklift is a primary concern for many businesses. Beyond simple economics, maintaining forklifts in top condition also ensures the safety of operators and smooth, uninterrupted workflows.

    Tips On How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Forklift

    Regular Maintenance and Inspections

    Forklift maintenance is crucial. You should prioritise regular check-ups and maintenance for your forklifts. Spotting any minor issues before they become costly production-halting problems is essential. Following a maintenance schedule based on the manufacturer's guidelines or usage frequency is highly recommended.

    During inspections, monitoring fluids like oil, coolant, and hydraulic fluid is essential, ensuring they are at the correct level for smooth operation. The tyres should be checked for sound pressure and any signs of wear and tear. Brakes should be limited to ensure they respond quickly. The lifting mechanism, forks, and safety features such as lights, horns, and seatbelts shouldn’t be forgotten either.

    Forklift Truck Battery Care

    Proper battery care extends its lifespan, so it's important to follow recommended charging and maintenance procedures. If you have an electric counter-balance forklift you need to ensure your forklift battery lasts as long as possible, start by charging it as the manufacturer recommends. Keep the battery clean and check for signs of corrosion regularly.

    Proper Training Of Forklift Operators

    Now, it's not just about jumping in the seat and driving. There's more to it - knowing your way around the controls, understanding how much weight it can handle, how to move and handle materials is important. That's where our training team at Atlas Forklift come in. We offer high-quality training programs so your team can confidently operate forklifts.

    Once you nail the training, you get a licence! It's proof that you're a pro at handling forklifts. All of this training helps prevent accidents from happening and makes everything run smoothly, whether in a warehouse, factory, or any other place where forklifts are the show's stars.

    Choosing The Right Forklift For The Job

    Let's talk about picking the perfect forklift for your job. This depends on what you plan to use them for. If you’re working indoors, maybe in a warehouse, you will want a forklift that can weave in and out of aisles and handle smooth surfaces like a pro. Electric forklifts might be a good choice- it's clean, quiet and efficient.

    But if your forklift is used outdoors it needs to be suitable for any terrain, rain or shine.

    Remember to think about what you'll be lifting too - the weight, the volume, the materials - and how often and long you'll be working. With those factors in mind, you'll be on your way to finding your perfect forklift matching your industry

    Upgrading and Replacing Components

    Atlas Forklift can service and repair many forklift parts.

    When the downtime of your forklifts is increasing and the battery needs to be changed often or when the maintenance bills start adding up, your forklift needs to be changed.

    And believe it or not, upgrading specific parts can make a huge difference in your forklift's performance. Think of it like this: getting a new battery with more capacity or a more efficient engine is like putting your forklift on a super-charge! Longer run times, more productivity - it's all good stuff. And remember maintenance. Regular check-ups can save you time and money all whilst keeping your forklift running smoothly for years.

    Proper Storage and Handling

    Parking isn't just about finding a spot and hopping off. It's about finding the right place, far from all the hustle and bustle, certainly away from people's path and clear from emergency exits. And the golden rule before you say goodbye and flick that off switch? Make sure those forks are settled down, resting safely on the ground. Apply that parking brake, and you can only switch off the power. These are more than just procedures; they're crucial to keeping our forklifts ready for action and our workplace humming along smoothly.

    Extending your forklift's lifespan is all about a bit of TLC - regular maintenance, operator training, proper selection, timely upgrades, and considerate storage. At Atlas Forklift, we're all about helping you get the best out of your forklift, providing top-tier training and refresher courses to keep your workplace safe and your forklifts ticking along for longer. Get in touch now by filling out the contact form.