Atlas  Forklift - Frequently Asked Questions


You should top up the cells in your forklift battery with deionised water or distilled water just above the lead plates inside the cells ensuring that no water is spilt between the cells.

You should charge the forklift when the battery is below 30% on the BDI. Charging a forklift when it does not need charging or opportunity charging will damage the cells and reduced its life span.

There is no such thing as a fork truck driver’s licence. However, by law all forklift operators must be adequately trained. We offer comprehensive driver training from fully qualified instructors that are hold the RTITB accreditation (Road Transport Industry Training Board)

You must be of at least school leaving age to operate a forklift truck unless working in a port then the minimum age is 18

A L.O.L.E.R thorough examination is the forklift equivalent of an MOT, it is a legal requirement and should be carried out at least once a year.

Forklift trucks can be used on the road but are subject to the same requirements as any other motorised vehicle; they must be registered with the DVLA and have valid insurance, LOLER thorough examination and road tax.

Each forklift is different and for that reason has different value. Similar to cars there are a number things that can affect a forklift’s value age, condition, manufacturer, specification. We buy any forklift and offer free onsite valuations, contact one of our team for your free valuation.

Every site is different as are the user’s requirement, there is no ‘standard’ type forklift and for that reason it is always best to discuss your requirements before committing to buy or hire a forklift. We offer free site surveys to assess your needs and find the solution that is best for you.

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