Lease Purchase Forklifts

Lease Purchase Forklifts


Atlas Lease Purchase Forklifts Plans

Lease Purchase Forklifts

Own the Forklifts Your Business Depends On

We know how important the forklifts we supply, service and repair are to the clients we work with. In most cases the business itself would quite literally grind to a halt if the forklifts that move stock and equipment from one part to another either weren’t there or stopped functioning efficiently. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering a genuine one stop shop for any business which relies on forklifts, and the provision we offer often starts with one of our lease purchase plans.

Under a lease purchase plan the client is ultimately in the position of owning the forklift truck outright, having made set monthly payments for a period of three years. For some clients, this model of ownership is preferable, as it adds an asset to the balance sheet of their business and brings tax advantages; 100% of the cost of the forklift can be written off at the time of purchase under the annual investment allowance (AIA), or 18% per year underwriting down allowances (WDA) until full relief has been given.

Clients who opt for a lease purchase plan from Atlas know that they also have the comprehensive backing of the wrap-around service we offer. Maintenance packages are available, we stock all of the attachments, tyres and spare parts their forklifts will ever need, and our LOLER examinations and driver training provision ensures that the safety of operatives and other employees is always paramount.

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