Forklift Breakdown and Repair

  • No call out charge
  • We cover all forklift makes and models, regardless of age or condition.
  • Emergency Call-Outs: Available to businesses within a 40-mile radius of our West Midlands location.

Forklift Truck Breakdown and Repair Services

Forklift Truck Breakdown and Repair Services

A team of highly trained forklift engineers are available to look after all your forklift needs whether it be service, LOLER or repair. You can contact us today to find out how we could service your fleet's repairs.


    The one-stop shop nature of our service means that there isn’t a problem with forklift trucks that we can’t deal with, and that extends to our on-site breakdown service.

    Emergency Forklift Repair Services

    Any business which is based within a 40-mile radius of our West Midlands location can call us when a forklift breaks down and, wherever possible, we’ll attend on the very same day. Our cover extends to all makes and models of forklifts and applies no matter what the age and condition of a particular truck is.

    Our team have been hand-chosen for their expertise and hands-on experience, and when this is combined with the range of spare parts we keep in stock it means that we’ve got what it takes to get any forklift truck back in action.

    No call out charge

    The peace of mind offered by our breakdown cover extends to its affordability. There’s no call out charge, no minimum fee and nothing added to cover the mileage involved or the time spent on site. It’s simple – give us a call when one of your forklifts isn’t running and we’ll solve the problem quickly and calmly, and we’ll only charge you for the work we do and any parts used.

    When you buy, hire or lease a forklift truck from Atlas you get much more than just the forklift itself. You also get ongoing support which includes a comprehensive selection of attachments, spare parts and replacement tyres.

    This comes with a range of maintenance and servicing packages and the security which comes from working with people who have been specialising in forklift trucks since 1983.

    If you want to know more about what Atlas Forklift could do for your business then call us today on +44(0)121 500 5009, email or fill in our online enquiry form here.

    Forklift Breakdown and Repair Services West Midlands


    There are several reasons why a forklift may not start. The first thing to check is the battery. Is the battery plugged in and is it charged? Make sure you haven’t pressed the EPO (emergency power off) switch and check the start code. Check for warning lights and alerts and bear the conditions in mind. If it’s cold, for example, the forklift may need time to warm up. If you’ve tried all these forklift truck troubleshooting techniques, and your forklift still won’t start, it’s advisable to contact a technician.

    Cold weather causes an array of issues for forklift truck drivers from minor problems to more complex repairs. The most common effects of cold temperatures on forklift trucks include failing to start, a frozen radiator or engine block and issues with the fuel filter. These can occur when the fuel filter sticks. To reduce risks, keep your truck indoors in a dry, secure garage, organise an antifreeze inspection before winter and fill your fuel tank before you park your truck for the night.

    Forklift troubleshooting involves the owner or operator taking the truck to a trained technician at a hire provider or workshop. The technician will run a series of tests to diagnose issues and identify solutions. In some cases, there is a rapid solution. In others, repairs may take longer due to sourcing a part, for example.

    Forklift truck fuel contamination occurs when microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria and yeast, enter fuel systems. This is also true for water, leaves, dirt and debris that end up in the fuel through a lack of quality control.

    Signs of fuel contamination include increased fuel consumption, clogged or blocked filters and impaired engine function. In some cases, the engine may stop working suddenly. It is very rare, but contamination can also cause a fuel leak.

    There are guidelines to follow for optimum forklift battery charging. For the best results, charge the battery when the level dips under 30% and make sure you use the right charger for the battery depending on the output voltage and the AH (ampere hour) rating. Turn the charger off before attaching or disconnecting the battery. It’s important to maintain the charging cables and keep a watering log. Avoid charging too frequently and allow time for an even charge (up to 8 hours).

    Dust can cause major issues for forklift trucks because it affects the moving components, causing wear and damage. Dust can also contaminate oil tanks and engine parts.

    The most common causes of forklift breakdowns include problems with the lift or mast, starting issues, defective steering, engine overheating and worn tyres.

    To prevent fuel contamination, it’s important to maintain the fuel tank, drain and replace filters, pass fuel through filtration systems during transportation and buy high-quality fuel from reputable providers. Store your forklift truck fuel in a secure facility. Store fuel at a temperature below 35 degrees for a maximum of 12 months.