On-Site Forklift Driver Training

On-Site Forklift Driver Training West Midlands

On-Site Forklift Driver Training

On-Site Forklift Driver Training West Midlands | AtlasForklift - Forklift Training Provider

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We’ve been providing forklift trucks for businesses of every type since 1983, and in that time we’ve established a broad ranging expertise which covers every aspect of working with forklift trucks.

    On-Site Forklift Driver Training | AtlasForklift - Forklift Training Provider West Midlands


    We’ve been providing forklift trucks for businesses of every type since 1983, and in that time we’ve established a broad ranging expertise which covers every aspect of working with forklift trucks.

    From selling, hiring and leasing the trucks themselves to providing breakdown cover, maintenance and servicing, we provide a genuine one stop shop for anyone who depends on forklift trucks for the operation of their business. The support we offer our clients doesn’t end when a truck has been purchased, and that includes training the drivers using those forklifts to ensure legal compliance and completely safe operation.

    The key to the training we offer is flexibility. Rather than providing a rigid programme of training we tailor each package to suit the needs of the client. Although some forklift drivers may have received basic training in the past, and certification which enables them to use a specific forklift in a particular setting, the accredited training offered by Atlas will provide certification which enables trainees to legitimately operate a forklift truck anywhere.



    Our basic training courses run from 3 to 5 days and can be delivered to a maximum of 3 participants simultaneously. The nature of the course is such that it can take someone with no experience operating a forklift and certify them – once the relevant tests have been passed – as a qualified forklift operator. The course involves a blend of practical and theoretical training, designed to provide a thorough understanding of the safe operation of a forklift truck within a working environment. The practical aspect of the course is such that, by the end of the training, each operator will feel confident in their ability to operate a forklift truck in situ.


    Our refresher training is designed as a one day course for those operators who have been trained previously but now need to re-certify.

    In addition to basic and refresher training we can tailor conversion courses designed for operators who have been trained on the use of a specific forklift, and now wish to advance to being RTITB accredited in the use of any forklift.

    The courses can be run for a maximum of 3 participants and can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

    Everyone delivering training on behalf of Atlas is RTITB (Road Transport Industry Training Board) accredited and brings with them a wealth of hands on experience of working with counterbalance and reach forklift trucks.

    On-Site Forklift Driver Training FAQs

    In on-site forklift driver training, the specific topics outlined in the Approved Code of Practice for Rider Operated Lift Trucks, or L117, will be covered to ensure compliance with legal standards.

    The training consists of three stages: basic, specific job, and familiarisation. The basic training provides the skills and knowledge necessary for safe forklift operation, covering topics such as the safe operation of the specific lift truck and attachments, awareness of risks, and associated tasks. Specific job training includes working with certain forklifts or in specific workplaces, whilst familiarisation training is undertaken on the job – applying knowledge in working conditions.

    Basic training courses for forklift drivers typically run from 3 to 5 days. They provide a comprehensive education on operating the machinery safely and efficiently.

    However, for those who have previously been trained and now need to recertify, a refresher training course is available. This course can be completed in just one day.

    During on-site forklift driver training, you'll learn essential safety rules including common hazards, such as securing loads and preventing the forklift from tipping over; OSHA’s safety requirements; as well as how to ensure the forklift is safe for use – performing daily inspections of tyres, brakes, lights, and more.

    The theory test is an essential component of forklift driver training as it ensures that you have a solid understanding of the necessary knowledge and safety principles.

    It covers topics such as load handling, wearing seat belts, and general safety rules.

    The theory test consists of 25 questions – a mix of open-ended, written questions and multiple-choice questions – with a pass mark of 80% or higher.

    Atlas Forklift provides tailored training programmes; therefore, cost will vary depending on the requirements and duration of the training course.

    There are a maximum of 3 people involved in on-site forklift driver training courses with Atlas Forklift; this allows us to provide an adequate level of training and supervision for each person in order to achieve the best result for trainees.

    We make scheduling your forklift training quick and easy, whether you’re looking for driver training or a refresher course. Contact Atlas Forklift by filling out one of our contact forms, emailing info@atlasforklift.co.uk, or talking to us on +44(0)121 500 5009.

    The frequency of refresher training is typically every 3-5 years, with exceptions for periods of absence.

    Refresher training serves to review areas of concern, revisit best practices, and ensure safety, efficiency, and compliance.

    It is important for occasional users, operators with unsafe practices or incidents, and those experiencing significant changes in working practices or environment to receive refresher training to prevent injuries and maintain operator availability.