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Forklift Attachments: Safety Cage

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    A forklift safety cage, otherwise known as a man cage, is a safe and effective way to access high spaces using a forklift and without the need of a ladder. They are an essential item in many circumstances.

    There has to be adequate training before an individual can use such a cage, and there must be supervision in place as well. Also, operators must be over the minimum school leaving age in order to use a forklift safety cage.

    There are no specific legal restrictions, but workplaces have to have a safe speed limit in place within their premises, to ensure that work trucks are used in a safe and appropriate manner at all times.

    Generally, they are fully welded with a metal floor, normally made from steel. This helps to ensure stability and safety, and it is also one of the more affordable types of material out there for such an item.

    As above, it is necessary to ensure that there is proper training and supervision. Beyond that, any individual using such a cage needs to make sure they operate slowly and carefully, and that they are generally being sensible in their use. They should also wear any other PPE that may be necessary for the work.

    This is always up to you as a business and an individual, but if you are going to be in constant need of getting up high safely, and moving around, then this can be a very good solution for that, and one of the safest too. It is certainly worth considering if that seems like a need you are going to have.

    Any kind of work that requires an individual to be up high for an extended period of time, working on something at length, is often going to be aided by the use of a forklift safety cage. There might at times be other solutions available too, but very often this is the best solution out there to consider, so it’s one to think about.

    This includes the fact that the platform must have adequate stability at all times, that the platform can be securely attached to the forklift truck with ease, and that the people on the platform cannot be in reach of any hazardous moving parts, or the controls on the truck. Of course, this also means there must be someone else operating the truck at the same time. The total weight on the platform should not exceed half the actual capacity of the truck, as well. As long as these restrictions are followed, everyone is a lot safer.