Short Term Forklift Hire

  • Short-term hire from 1 day to several weeks
  • Immediate availability- we can promptly meet client needs within one to two days, providing urgent solutions.
  • Flexible rental periods- you can rent forklifts weekly and adjust the rental period as required.
  • No major repair costs- you only need to cover normal daily wear and tear


short term forklift hire west midlands

Here at Atlas we’ve been working with clients who depend upon forklift trucks to keep their businesses moving since 1983. This wealth of experience means that we not only know everything there is to know about forklifts but also about the businesses that use them. We understand that the requirements of a business can often change dramatically at very short notice, and that flexible provision is the key to meeting the demands of a business which – for example – suddenly finds itself dealing with a dramatic increase in the amount of stock that needs shifting.

Short Term Forklift Hire West Midlands

Our short term forklift hire service in the West Midlands has been designed with precisely this kind of situation in mind. If you find that you suddenly need a forklift, or a number of forklifts, we can meet your requirements on the same day or the very next day at the latest. Flexibility is the key to this way of working, so you can hire on a weekly basis and keep the truck for as long as you need, renewing as you go. Alternatively, you can send it back after a few days if the requirement is strictly short term - in both cases the possibility of a sudden shift in requirements is catered for in the way our short term hires work.

Flexible Forklift Rental

If you find the nature rather than the scale of your requirements changing then so can the type of truck you’re hiring, and in all cases you’ll only be responsible for daily wear and tear, with major repairs covered by the agreement. It’s the kind of flexibility which means that you’ll have the trucks you need, when you need them, without having to invest a penny more than you need to.

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    Short-term forklift hire offers several distinct advantages. 

    • Flexibility. Short-term hire allows businesses to easily adjust fleet sizes quickly in response to changes in demand. 
    • Lower capital expenditure requirements than purchasing equipment outright.
    • Maintenance and repair are usually provided by rental companies, which further lower costs while minimising downtime.
    • Businesses can utilise new forklift models, taking full advantage of recent safety and fuel-efficiency advancements.

    The length of time can depend on customer requirements. Generally speaking, short-term forklift rentals typically last from one day to several weeks. 

    Short-term hire is ideal for businesses needing extra equipment during a temporary increase in workload or, as cover while their own forklift is being serviced or repaired. Short-term rental allows businesses to adapt easily as their needs change over time.

    While short-term forklift rental provides flexibility, contract hire often requires longer commitment ranging from one year up to several years and is best suited to businesses that anticipate steady workloads. However, due to its longer commitment, contract rental can offer further cost efficiencies that make it an economical solution for businesses requiring regular forklift usage.

    Contract rental may not offer as much flexibility as short-term hire. Changes to fleet size or model typically necessitate renegotiating the contract. Nonetheless, contract hire allows businesses to better plan their operations by providing predictable monthly costs and guaranteed availability of equipment.

    Your choice between short-term hire and contract rental depends on the unique requirements of your business, such as:

    • workload predictability,
    • budget restrictions

    Short-term forklift rental differs significantly from lease purchase in terms of ownership and duration. When renting the forklift for short periods such as daily, weekly, or monthly rental agreements, its availability provides relief when unexpected increases in workload arise or temporary projects begin. 

    Contrastingly, lease purchase agreements involve longer-term commitment and give you the option to buy the forklift at the end of its term. They offer businesses looking for ownership benefits without incurring an initial capital outlay.

    A variety of work trucks are available for rent to meet different business requirements. These include:

    • Gas Forklifts: These forklifts powered by LPG provide outdoor flexibility thanks to their ability to traverse difficult terrain.
    • Electric Forklifts: Electric forklifts are powered by electricity and are ideal for indoor use as they emit no emissions, as well as having lower maintenance costs than their gas counterparts.
    • Electric Counter Balances: Electric counter balances resemble electric forklifts but feature a counterweight at the rear to offset any loads in front. Commonly found in warehouses and storage facilities.
    • Reach Trucks: These forklifts feature an extendable mast that allows them to reach higher shelves, making them suitable for high stacking operations.
    • Power Pallet Trucks: These manually operated forklift-like devices allow users to lift and transport pallets without the need for a forklift licence, making them suitable for warehouses and retail stores alike.

    We can meet your short-term forklift requirements on the same day or next day. So plan ahead and reach out early to secure what equipment you require. Be sure to communicate these needs clearly including type, duration and any extra services such as operator training or maintenance support needed for success.

    Rental companies assume the responsibility for general maintenance and repairs on short-term rental vehicles. However, damage due to misuse or negligence on your part usually falls outside this scope. 

    Be sure to read your rental agreement carefully for clauses concerning repair and maintenance responsibilities. If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.