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People who rely on forklift trucks to keep their businesses moving work with Atlas time and time again, because they know we combine excellence and value for money with flexibility. We don’t simply explain what we can do for you, we ask what you need and then we make it happen, and our contract hire service is an example of this approach. The contract hire forklifts, which can be hired come from across our range, from standard models to more specialised pieces of equipment, and we can use our experience of the sector to provide advice on the exact models needed. Our contract hire plans run for periods of three, four and five years depending upon what is most convenient for each client, and the set monthly rates we charge provide value for money together with consistency.

Our provision for contract hire forklifts offers total peace of mind because the set monthly rate covers all maintenance and servicing costs for the period during which you hire the forklift. When the contract ends you can opt to simply return the forklift you’ve been using and take delivery of a new model on the same basis. Like everything we do, it’s a system which is simple and effective and meets the needs of our clients.

If you want to know more about what Atlas Forklift could do for your business then call us today on +44(0)121 500 5009, email or fill in our online enquiry form here.