2022 Checklist For Better Forklift Maintenance

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Forklift maintenance is a huge part of keeping your machine running well and performing as it should. It’s an expensive and vital piece of equipment, so it must be kept in the right condition. Due to wear and tear, the brakes, forks, transmission, and many other areas can begin to falter.

When you purchase forklifts, you have to understand that there are lots of areas to cover regarding their maintenance. Each year, there are more and more aspects of forklift maintenance that have to be considered. The importance and priorities change after the likes of accidents, breakdowns, faults, and other significant incidents.

Here, we’re going to discuss a checklist for better forklift maintenance in 2022:

    Forklift Maintenance Checklist:

    Have a plan for maintenance

    Having a maintenance plan for your forklift can allow you to guarantee maintenance for your machine. Knowing that daily maintenance will take place will allow you the comfort of knowing things will be fine. You’ll be able to improve the lifespan and remove any unwanted faults. Having a forklift preventative maintenance contract will make this kind of planning a lot more reliable.

    Inspect the machine daily

    Daily inspections will ensure that the forklift is in the best possible condition. You’ll be able to identify all kinds of problems with the likes of the brakes or the hoses. This kind of diligent process and mentality will save plenty of time and money in the long term as you may avoid significant forklift repair. While the forklift is not operating, check the fluid, any signs of damage, the tyres, the fork, the brakes, and the safety devices.

    Listen to the manufacturer

    If you’re maintaining a forklift, you should stick to the advice of the manufacturer. Whether it’s an outright purchase or a forklift hire, you’ll want to work with the information given by the manufacturer. They’ll provide in-depth servicing after a period of time or usage.

    Keep an eye on the tyres

    Forklift tyres wear out just like any other tyre. This will happen when it travels regularly and through the same journey over and over again. Repeating the same things will often mean they wear out faster. Tyres should, of course, be a part of a regular inspection. The pressure should be checked as well as visual inspections.

    Keep it clean

    It sounds like common sense, but it’s something that should be reiterated. It’s more than just a cosmetic thing here. Cleaning your forklift will allow you to prevent the build-up of materials that could cause damage to the machine. When you hire forklifts, you have to remember to look after them daily and keep them as clean as possible. Focus on the radiator, wiping down dirt, and changing the filters.

    Sort out problems immediately

    There will be times when forklifts fail out of the blue. Don’t leave these issues until the day after or even the week after. Deal with them right away so that you may prevent even worse issues.