How To Be A Better Forklift Operator

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How To Be A Better Forklift Operator

how to become a better forklift operator | Atlasforklift

As a forklift operator, you have the responsibility of keeping yourself and everyone around you safe, while carrying out the necessary tasks needed in your day-to-day working life. Forklift driver training is therefore a must.


    It’s important to be a health and safety-compliant forklift operator in order to avoid and limit the number of accidents that occur with this type of operation. Not only that but being able to limit damage to stock and limit damage to other vehicles is beneficial.

    The cost of any potential accident claims can also be substantial, so it’s important to get the relevant training and guidance needed to become a better forklift operator.

    Better Operator


    Retention of information can vary from one person to another. While some have a photographic memory, others forget what they did the day previously. Refresher courses are something that is typically available in all walks of life when it comes to learning and this is no different.

    There’s no legally set amount of time in which you must be given formal evaluation or refresher training. The easiest strategy as a business is to ensure your staff remain compliant with refreshment courses every so often.


    This is the bare minimum when it comes to operating machinery such as a forklift. Completing basic forklift training and attaining a forklift certificate from a registered work vehicle driving organisation is essential. These organisations include RTITB, AITT and many more.

    Basic training provides you with the key information and guidance needed to operate this vehicle safely while ensuring safety for all those around you - including yourself.

    how to become a better forklift operator | Atlasforklift


    General health and safety guidelines are something to abide by at all times. These include:

    • Being aware of your surroundings.
    • Avoiding any hazards such as bumps on surfaces and using your horn to move people in your way.
    • Practising safe loading procedures which include stacking the load in the right way to avoid accidents.
    • Always maintain good visibility of what’s ahead and around you.


    • Speed and handling - using the vehicle to travel at high speeds or handling the vehicle haphazardly.
    • Overloading - putting too much on the vehicle will make it less stable and more at risk.
    • Attachments - Additions to the vehicle can also be an opportunity for something to go wrong.
    • Floor conditions - Not being aware of certain floor conditions that could pose a danger.
    • Lack of maintenance - Improper or lack of maintenance on the machinery can cause accidents to occur.


    For Forklift driver training in the UK, we offer a variety of basic forklift driver training and forklift driver refresher course. We know what’s required to help your staff retain their forklift license and to create a safer, working environment.

    If you’re looking for Forklift driver training in West Midlands, then get in touch to see how we can help you become a better forklift operator. We are available via a telephone call, via email, or via the contact form on our website. Alternatively you can go to the contact us page to find out further contact information.


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