5 reasons to use Forklift Trucks instead of manual labour

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In days gone by, all work in the warehouse was carried out manually. This, of course, meant high levels of manual handling and material handling jobs were done by manual labour. As you can imagine, this was increasingly time-consuming. However, this was back before Health and Safety Regulations and the invention of forklift trucks.

Forklift trucks have revolutionised the warehouse industry, and there are many reasons to use forklifts in this environment. This post looks at 5 reasons to use forklift trucks for material handling.

    Health and Safety Compliant

    Health and Safety regulations stipulate legal manual lifting limits per person, meaning if the load exceeds this, you need more than one person to lift it or use equipment to avoid lifting and the risk of injury incorrectly. For men, this is 25Kg, and for women, it is 18kg.

    If you regularly carry items heavier than these limits, alternative moving stock methods will be highly beneficial.

    You must remember that all forklift users must be trained and certified to operate this machinery to allow you to avoid injury and compensation claims resulting from improper use.

    Carry an Increased Load

    As mentioned above, when it comes to manual labour, you are restricted to the weight a person can lift. However, this can be exceeded by using a forklift truck. Of course, it will come with its maximum weight limits, which you shouldn't exceed, but you can quickly move increased and smaller loads around the warehouse.

    Another bonus is you can reduce the number of claims and time spent off work due to injuries from carrying heavy loads and exhaustion.

    Forklifts Are Faster Than Humans

    Regardless of how efficient your employees are, the reality is a forklift can move faster than any person can. With a forklift truck, you can move faster at a speed suitable for the environment and the load you are carrying. Add to this the increased carrying capacity, and you will find you can move greater loads much faster than manually carrying items from one place to another.

    No Fatigue & Minimal Downtime

    It may seem like it doesn't need to be said, but unlike their human counterparts, forklifts don't need breaks unless they require forklift repairs. They also don't get tired and need to stop in the same way human employees need to.

    Easy To Hire or Lease

    Forklift trucks are really easy to hire or lease. You can look into forklift hire and forklift leasing options on the basis that works for your company. This allows you to use forklifts quickly without purchasing the machinery outright.

    Ensure you read your contracts correctly, whether looking into atlasforklift Hire or atlasforklift Lease contracts to support your warehouse efficiency.

    Many warehouses have utilised forklift trucks to replace manual handling as they have seen the benefits first-hand of implementing this machinery within their workplace. There are many benefits to using forklifts, including those discussed in this post. You can experience a more efficient and productive workplace by investing in tools and equipment to enhance your work and reduce employee demand.