How Forklifts Can Optimise Your Storage Space

Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves and forklift with operator. Bottom view.

Optimising the storage space of your warehouse can result in increased capacity, improved inventory management, and streamlined distribution operations.

Whether you’re looking to expand your operations or make your existing setup more functional, warehouse optimisation can involve redesigning and reorganising aisles as well as making use of vertical space to optimise your premises.

Forklifts are invaluable to working within an optimised space. From navigating narrow aisles, to accessing stacked goods, forklifts streamline warehousing operations in a number of ways...

    How can Forklifts Optimise Storage Space?

    If you’re looking to optimise your storage space, forklifts play an essential part in this. With a forklift, you can:

    • Increase your storage capacity
    • Improve efficiency of operations
    • Handle various loads

    Plus, there are many flexible solutions for how you can introduce a forklift into your operations – whether you rent or purchase for short- or long-term assistance.

    Improved Efficiency in Picking and Storing Goods

    Forklifts also improve the efficiency of your operations within an optimised space, including pick and place operations and the transportation of goods.

    Within an optimised warehouse, these simple operations may become more complex for manual handling as goods are stacked higher and more densely. However, with a forklift, you can enhance operational flow significantly. Forklifts enable easy and quick navigation of a storage space, transporting goods to designated locations, and ease of picking and placing with the ability to lift heavy loads.

    By utilising forklifts for picking and storing goods, you can streamline your operations, reduce wasted space, and ultimately improve the overall efficiency of your warehouse storage system.

    Increased Storage Capacity

    Increase your storage capacity by making the most of unused space; both vertical space and floor space can be increased when using a forklift to navigate your warehouse.

    Stacking items vertically and rearranging floor plans to create narrow aisles maximises existing storage capacity without the need for lateral expansion. By utilising a forklift, you can access increased heights and navigate narrow aisles and tight spaces easily.

    This allows for increased storage capacity and efficient use of space without the need for an extension, especially beneficial for businesses in urban areas where space is limited.

    Flexible Solutions

    Atlas Forklift provides a wide range of forklifts for hire as well as sale. Our flexible hire solutions include both long-term and short-term contracts of standard and specialised equipment.

    With our long-term hire, you can hire forklifts for up to 5 years, whilst short-term hires are for anywhere between 1 week and 6 months.

    We have over three decades of experience as an independent forklift dealer, and our expert team is here to listen to your needs and determine the most suitable equipment and hire or purchase solution. Take a look at our contract hire here.

    Handle Various Loads

    Efficiency of operations can be achieved with a forklift no matter the goods you’re handling.

    With many types of forklifts available, various loads can be handled while reducing the intensity of manual labour and risk of injury to your workforce. From palletised goods to fragile and irregular items, forklifts can be used for all types of handling applications.

    Handling capabilities can be further improved by incorporating various attachments and features to efficiently and safely move different types of loads in your warehouse. Attachments include:

    • Rotators 
    • Bale clamps 
    • White goods clamps
    • Boom attachments
    • Drum handlers
    • Jibs
    • Safety cage

    Utilising forklifts additionally reduces the amount of manual labour, and the risk of injury associated with picking and moving goods – especially large and heavy goods, with forklifts being able to handle much heavier loads in comparison to manual methods. They further reduce the risk of improper manual handling.

    Reduce the risk of damage to your inventory and workforce and increase productivity with forklifts for various loads and applications.

    If you’re looking to optimise your warehouse to increase storage capacity, inventory management, or transportation and distribution processes, forklifts are an essential piece of equipment to maintain or elevate productivity.

    Whether navigating tight spaces, lifting heavy loads, or accessing high storage, you’ll be able to increase stacking capacity and organise inventory more effectively.

    Investing in forklifts is a smart decision to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency in your storage facility. With Atlas Forklift, you can be sure you’re being matched with the most suitable solution for you, based upon safety, efficiency, and economy, and delivered by outstanding service. To find out what forklift purchasing/ rental options we offer click here.