Your Guide To Changing Forklift Suppliers

Changing Forklift Suppliers

When looking for new forklift suppliers you might be nearing the end of your current forklift supplier contract, or perhaps you are looking around for the best forklift supplier. No matter your current situation, here are some tips and information for switching your forklift supplier.

    Check Your Notice Period

    You are likely to have a notice period with your current forklift supplier, as with all contracts that will tell you how long you need to pay for the agreed services.

    You may find the general terms and conditions of your forklift supplier on their website; however, it is more beneficial to find your original agreement.

    If there is no fixed term on the hiring contract, you may be able to give a short written notice period.

    When changing forklift suppliers it is always best to check all of the paperwork that you have in regards to your current forklift supplier so that you can avoid charges and fees.

    Purchase Terms

    When you are changing forklift suppliers, it is essential that you check out all of the available options. There are advantages to both buying forklifts and renting a forklift.

    When buying a forklift, you can see a relatively high return on the investment, depending on how well maintained you keep your forklift trucks. Often when purchasing a forklift truck, there is a range of customisation options that can mean you get the exact specification you need.

    The advantages of renting a forklift are plentiful too. For example, if you have a seasonal business, forklift rental is a great option - so you only pay for what you need.

    Many rental agreements for forklift trucks don’t come with a long term commitment, so you can swap them or return them to the dealer. Perhaps the biggest perk is that you will likely get planned maintenance in your rental contract so that you can have technician repairs periodically at no added cost.

    When changing forklift suppliers, look for a company that offers a range of options, so that as your business grows and changes, you can modify your needs directly.

    Maintenance Terms

    When hiring forklifts, one of the essential things to consider is the availability of regular servicing, repairs and general maintenance.

    Forklift hire can come in both short and long term to suit your business. However, typically long term hires have a more beneficial price point.

    General wear and tear forks and tyres are all covered under the rental agreement.

    Look for a forklift company that offers spare parts, breakdown and repair, LOLER examinations, tyre replacement and maintenance, and servicing. This extensive list means that no matter what your hired forklift needs, you will be able to get it from your new supplier.

    Quality of Vehicles

    When hiring or leasing your forklift vehicles, the quality and options available for forklifts should be a factor. A company that offers maintenance, repair and servicing for its fleet will usually have high-quality vehicles.

    When changing forklift suppliers look for trustworthy brands that are known for their quality and reputation in the industry.

    And finally, when you are considering switching forklift suppliers, consider why the current supplier has not met your requirements. Anything that is highlighted should be a factor that you look for in your new forklift supplier.