For safety, efficiency and economy, it's essential to match the forklift to the application. To get the right forklift truck it's best to call on the experts for advice. As an independent forklift dealer for the last 33 years atlasforklift has the expertise and experience you need.

Everyone at atlasforklift takes pride in the quality of service we provide and the high level of trust we share with our customers.

 atlasforklift's  extensive knowledge will help you make the right decision.



Choose a category below to view our range of forklift trucks or you can see the range of brand new Hangcha forklifts we can supply for you.

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atlasforklift provide both brand new and second hand trucks.

Forklift trucks can be bought outright, financed via lease, contract hire or Hire Purchase.  Peace of mind can be enhanced by including a maintenance package.

Most used forklift trucks are supplied from our own hire fleet - we only buy quality trucks for our own use.  Check to see what ex-fleet second hand trucks are available now

atlasforklift offer trucks for short term/spot and long term/contract hire.

This can offer significant advantages for many customers:

♦  Enlarge or reduce the size of your fleet rapidly as business requirements change
♦  No initial capital outlay providing the opportunity to prioritise capital expenditure
♦  Length of hire term flexible - from 1 day to the life of a truck
♦  Type of truck can be changed as your business requirement changes
♦  No major repair costs - you only need to cover normal daily wear and tear
♦  Preferential prices available for longer term hires