Importance of A Forklift Refresher Course


Even licensed forklift drivers should undertake training at scheduled intervals to ensure they’re up-to-date with the latest practices. A forklift refresher course is designed to do just this.

It’s important your employees undertake this shorter recap course as mistakes made during forklift operations can be costly. From financial liability, to delays, damages to goods and machinery, and even injuries and possible fatalities, forklift accidents can be serious.

The refresher course combines theoretical and practical training to keep your forklift operators performing their best over time.

    Key Reasons for Forklift Refresher Training

    A driver may be put forward for refresher training to learn a new skill, maintain good driving habits, and/or promote workplace safety.

    Refresher training will cover basic skills and knowledge of forklift operation; training which is specific to the forklift used in your workplace; and application of the training in your normal working environment.

    Learn New Skills Where Appropriate

    You may recommend a forklift operator undertake a refresher course to learn a new skill.

    Whether this is because new machinery or practices have been introduced, a new environment has brought unfamiliar hazards or procedures, or the operator needs to update their skills around inspection and maintenance, load capacity, operation and more.

    Maintain Good Driving Habits

    Good driving practices should boost efficiency and productivity without straying from compliant practices.

    Reminding drivers of correct actions will keep your employees working in line with the latest regulations. Forklift refresher courses should be held according to ACOP L117, the Approved Code of Practice for training.

    Good driving habits will also ensure a safer workplace, preventing forklift accidents

    Maintain Workplace Safety

    Another reason for factoring in a refresher course for your forklift operators is to increase or maintain workplace safety through raising awareness of potential hazards and safe operation.

    A lack of knowledge or awareness of surroundings and the hazards while operating forklifts in your workplace can cause serious accidents, placing employees in danger and goods and property at the risk of being damaged. As per the Health and Safety at Work Act, refresher training courses are recommended for a safe workplace.

    Who Should Take the Forklift Refresher Course?

    Forklift operators should be routinely assessed by a competent person in order to determine if a refresher course is required. If the operator fails the assessment, they should be put on a refresher course.

    Recommended Training Frequency

    Whilst there is no legal requirement for refresher courses, in order to meet ACOP L117 under the Health and Safety at Work Act, they should be scheduled every 3-5 years.

    However, this is only a recommendation; refresher courses can be taken more frequently if necessary. This may occur if:

    • The worker has extended absence or time between work
    • New equipment has been brought in
    • The work environment has changed
    • There is cause for concern
    • An accident has occurred
    • There is a skill gap

    Atlas Forklift provides forklift refresher training. We work in small groups of three or fewer to ensure drivers are provided with adequate levels of attention for a successful and engaging course. Our course is suitable for the recertification of operators and we work with certified training bodies to do so.

    To learn more about our forklift refresher course, contact Atlas Forklift today.