Loler Examinations and Driver Training

Every company should ask themselves if their forklift is legal and safe to use. Legislation requires that every forklift - including hand trucks - have a thorough Loler examination at least annually.  Also, every forklift operator must undertake the relevant  forklift training.

Atlasforklift have the trained staff to Loler your trucks and train your forklift operators.

Lolers & Driver Training

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In simple terms a LOLER is the forklift equivalent of a cars MOT.  LOLER Thorough Examination and MOT certify that. at the time of testing, all components which have a bearing on safety have been inspected and assessed as being in a safe condition.

LOLER Thorough Examination and a truck's normal maintenance programme are distinctly separate.  A LOLER Thorough Examination is not part of truck maintenance - it is a requirement embedded in legislation.

How often should a LOLER be carried out:

12 Monthly   -   trucks working up to 40 hours per week, without attachments other than sideshift.

6 Monthly    -    any truck used for elevating persons no matter how infrequent

any attachment not permanently fitted to a truck

4 Monthly    -    any truck working in excess of 80 hours per week

Any truck working in hazardous conditions: marine environments; corrosive chemical environments; metal manufacturing or processing; cement/aggregate processing; where abrasive particles are present or brine applications

Note: When an attachment is permanently fitted to a truck the attachment will be LOLER Thoroughly Examined as though it were part of the truck, at the same interval as the truck.

We can arrange forklift training on your premises.  Instructors are all RTITB and experienced in counterbalance and reach trucks.

Courses available are:

BASIC TRAINING - 3 or 5 Days courses

This course will enable the driver with no forklift experience to progress through the course and on successfully passing the tests qualify them as a forklift operator certified by the examiner.  The course involves both theoretical and practical training in safe working practises applicable to forklift operations.  The  operators will receive sufficient practical experience to be comfortable with operating machines in the working environment.


This course is designed for operators who are required to re-certify.   This course involves a mixture of both theoretical and practical training.   On successful completion the operator will be certified by the examiner

The courses can be run for a maximum of 3 participants and can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements.