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Allis, Allis who can fix this Allis?


Our customer called said he had the word.

And said “I suppose you’ve heard – about Allis”

So we rushed to the site and looked outside,

We could hardly believe our eyes.

The Allis Chalmers was stuck on a customers’ drive!


Oh we need to find a solution

As to why she just won’t go

We guess she got her reasons

But we really want to know

So for 24 hours we’ve been planning to fix our Allis

Just 24 hours waiting for a glance

To get stuck in and give our lads a chance

cos’ none of us can stand not hearing that roar from Allis

Enough of this, we brought the Allis Chalmers back to us tired, smoking, leaking and in a desperate state of repair. The truck needed a whole manner of things repaired; cylinder head, gaskets, turbo, injectors, to name a few. After diagnosing the initial faults with the machine the fun started… finding the parts. The engine hasn’t been produced since the 60’s and most of the parts are no longer available. After many hours surfing the internet we managed to get in touch with an historical society in America, who luckily held information in their archives about the engine. Not only did they have parts information on the engine, they were also able to lead us to another company in America that made engine parts. After weeks of waiting for parts, the repairs began, Blood, Sweat and Tears went into repairing dear old Allis but now she is restored to her former glory, she even sailed through a thorough examination. Take a look at the Allis Chalmers in action: